Restrict Trans Fat - News Restrict Trans Fat - News Copyright 2010 -0800 BC'S TRANS FAT REGULATION NOW IN EFFECT <p>BC FOOD PROCESSORS ASSOCIATION - Newsletter December 2009</p> Fri, 05 Mar, 2010 00:00:00 -0800 News Release SERVING HEALTHIER FOOD <p>CHEFS QUARTERLY-Trans fat Regulation is Good News</p> Tue, 05 Jan, 2010 00:00:00 -0800 News Release HOW WILL YOU MEASURE UP? <p>THE PUBLICAN - FALL ISSUE - Restricting industrially produced trans fat.</p> Wed, 19 Aug, 2009 01:01:00 -0800 News Release SHOULD TRANSFAT BE BANNED? <p>TIMES & TRANSCRIPTS - FREDRICTON - The Heart and Stroke Foundation hopes feds will introduce a nationwide ban on the artery-clogging fat.</p> Sat, 01 Aug, 2009 08:44:00 -0800 News Release BC'S NEW TRANS FAT REGULATION <p>BC MEDICAL JOURNAL - BC has used the new Public Health Act to restrict industrially produced trans fat in food service establishments. </p> Sat, 01 Aug, 2009 08:05:00 -0800 News Release TRANS FAT AND YOU <p>BC RESTAURANT NEWS - Restricting Industrially Produced Trans will you measure up?</p> Wed, 01 Jul, 2009 02:04:00 -0800 News Release TRANS FAT: THE MOVE AWAY FROM BAD FATS <p>CBC NEWS- The anti-trans-fat bandwagon has been rolling across Canada since the fall of 2003...</p> Fri, 19 Jun, 2009 02:02:00 -0800 News Release